Wheel Choker 460mm

  • Wheel Choker straps are made of 100% polyester webbing
  • Soft Eye Chokers come in 460mm and 560mm, breaking load strength 1000Kgs with a 7:1 safety factor
  • All Wheel Chokers are 50mm wide.
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£4.56 £3.80
£4.56 £3.80


Wheel chokers are intended to be used with recovery vehicles and assist with tying down vehicles to secure them to a trailer. Wheel choker straps are made from soft yet strong man made fabric that is designed to withstand a load of up to 1 tonne but not damage alloy wheels. They have a 7:1 safety factor, so will not break until a force greater than 7000KG is used. In order to accommodate wheels of different sizes we supply excellent value wheel chokers that are either 460mm or 560mm in size . These soft wheel choker straps are intended to replace old fashioned straps with D-rings at the end that could have caused damage to wheels during recovery.

Break/Load in kgs: 
Colour: purple/orange
Length in metres: 0.46


  • For use when strapping down vehicles
  • Made from soft polyester to proect your wheel
  • Safety Factor 7/1 of WLL
  • Individually Certified
  • BSEN1492-1 2000 CE
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