Three Leg

Three-Leg Lifting Chains have three lengths of chain suspended from one central point. This unique design allows for stability and efficiency as each leg can be used simultaneously.

Lifting Chains like these are often used for carrying and moving loads around a workspace. These Chains are particularly helpful in the manufacturing industry where some materials must not be allowed to touch the floor but are too large to be moved by hand. Our Chains are also suitable for use in agricultural or construction industries. For more information about Lifting Chains and Slings, be sure to check out our Blog.


It is a requirement that all Chain Components in lifting equipment be made from Grade 80 Steel, which these Lifting Chains are. Our steel is high-grade and has endured a rigorous process of quenching and tempering to ensure all parts are as strong as possible.


Our Three-Leg Chains are available in 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, and 16mm sizes. Additionally, you can choose which hook you require for the end from our range of Clevis Sling Hooks, Clevis Self Locking Hooks, and Clevis “C” Hooks. Our Chains come in a length range from 1 to 10 metres too, suiting all your lifting requirements whatever they may be. 

You can browse our full range of one, two, three, and four leg Lifting Chains here

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  1. 16mm Three Leg Lifting Chain
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  2. 13mm Three Leg Lifting Chain
    £222.48 £185.40
  3. 10mm Three Leg Lifting Chain
    £130.21 £108.51
  4. 8mm Three Leg Lifting Chain
    £81.50 £67.92
  5. 7mm Three Leg Lifting Chain
    £68.75 £57.29
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