Heavyweight Webbing Slings (above 3,000kg)

Heavy lighting slings like these webbing slings are used to carry cumbersome loads and tow large objects like vehicles.

Projects that would otherwise be awkward and strenuous are made simple with the help of these heavy-duty lifting slings. For a start, they are far more flexible and lightweight than ordinary lifting chains.

Their malleable qualities help with not only storage but by minimising shock loading issues too when lashing. In addition, the soft material of heavy-duty slings doesn’t run the risk of injury that comes with metal alternatives.

Used in all sorts of industries, heavy lifting slings are an essential piece of kit for anyone whose job involves lifting or towing. Just some of the scenarios in which these slings have been used include (but are not limited to): boat handling, freight, construction, cargo handling, drilling, logging, heating units, and offshore oilfield pipes.

In our impressive range of heavy lifting slings above 3,000kg, we offer products with 4,000kg, 5,000kg, 6,000kg, 8,000kg and 10,000kg weight limits. Each sling has its weight limit printed clearly on it and comes in a corresponding colour, making it easy to locate the correct sling for the correct weight being loaded.

What’s more, each of our heavy-duty slings has a safety factor of 7 times its Working Load Limit (W.L.L) to meet the performance requirements of BSEN 1492-1:2000 (see certificates) and is stitched with reinforced eyes to allow it to enjoy a long working lifespan.

Our heavy duty lifting slings are not only resistant to oil, grease, and most acids, but they are also made from 100% high-tenacity polyester which helps their durability.

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  1. 10,000kg Webbing Sling (300mm wide)
    As low as £90.90 £75.75
  2. 8000kg Webbing Sling (240mm wide)
    As low as £75.53 £62.94
  3. 6000kg Webbing Sling (180mm wide)
    As low as £75.13 £62.61
  4. 5000kg Webbing Sling (150mm wide)
    As low as £26.57 £22.14
  5. 4000kg Webbing Sling (120mm wide)
    As low as £53.14 £44.28
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