Clevis Self Locking Hooks

At The Ratchet Shop, we stock a comprehensive range of self-locking hooks. Our
clevis self-locking hooks are perfect for all kinds of overhead lifting applications, and can be used in industries ranging from construction to freight haulage.

What makes our self-locking hooks special is their immunity to slippage. This is due to their unique locking mechanism, hence the name. As with all clevis or ‘C’ hooks, the hook fits directly onto the chain for ease of use. When a load is engaged and the weight is being lifted, the hook will close automatically.

For safety purposes, all of our self-locking clevis hooks will not open under load, even if the load is only momentarily set down. If you do want to release the load, all you need to do is press the release trigger and the hook will open. At this point, the hook will stay open to make hookups as easy as possible.

As with all our chain components, our self-locking hooks are made with grade-80 alloy chain and are proof-tested to four times the Working Load Limit (WLL). For added peace of mind, each self-locking hook is fully-compliant with the EU standard EN1677.

To cover lifting jobs of all requirements, our clevis hooks come in a range of sizes from 7/8mm all the way up to 16mm.

If you have any questions about our clevis self-locking hooks, lifting equipment, or chain components, head over to our blog or get in touch with our team of experts.

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  1. 16mm Clevis Self Locking Hook + Grip Latch
    £81.17 £67.64
  2. 10mm Clevis Self Locking Hook + Grip Latch
    £30.12 £25.10
  3. 7/8mm Clevis Self Locking Hook + Grip Latch
    £20.52 £17.10
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