Webbing Slings

At The Ratchet Shop, we carry an impressive range of webbing slings for all your lifting needs. These slings, also known as ‘poly slings’ or ‘duplex webbing slings’, are primarily used for lifting loads safely and stably but also have use in pulling and towing jobs too.

The versatility offered by lifting slings means that they are used in a variety of commercial settings, including the offshore oil industry, industrial applications, and as cargo webbing slings for freight.

Depending on the nature of the task at hand, and the weight you are towing or lifting, the strength of your slings will differ. Luckily for you, we carry both lightweight and heavyweight poly slings made from durable polyester (hence the name).

All of our polyester slings are hard-wearing, resistant to oil, grease, and most acids. What’s more, our high-quality poly slings will neither rot nor lose strength in water.

The working weight limits of our slings range from just 1000kg all the way up to 10000kg and are colour-coded according to their rating to ensure the correct one is used for the application at hand. We also have webbing slings available in a range of lengths to suit your needs.

To find out more about our lifting slings, head over to our blog 'Everything You Need to Know About Webbing Slings' or get in touch with our team!

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  1. 10,000kg Webbing Sling (300mm wide)
    As low as £90.90 £75.75
  2. 8000kg Webbing Sling (240mm wide)
    As low as £75.53 £62.94
  3. 6000kg Webbing Sling (180mm wide)
    As low as £30.41 £25.34
  4. 5000kg Webbing Sling (150mm wide)
    As low as £15.25 £12.71
  5. 4000kg Webbing Sling (120mm wide)
    As low as £12.79 £10.66
  6. 3000kg Webbing Sling (90mm wide)
    As low as £6.31 £5.26
  7. 2000kg Webbing Sling (60mm wide)
    As low as £4.60 £3.83
  8. 1000kg Webbing Sling (30mm wide)
    As low as £2.41 £2.01
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