Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks are retractable lifelines that act to arrest a user’s fall should it occur. They work similarly to car seat belts in that they are based on an inertia brake system. As the user moves, the rope, which is stored on a wheel within protective housing, automatically extracts and retracts. Should the user fall, the lifeline is pulled rapidly out of its housing and when it reaches critical velocity the brakes go on to decelerate the user and arrest their fall. The fall protection equipment is made from either polyester webbing or galvanised steel cable, both with a high tensile strength. The housing has a built-in swivel eye made from galvanised steel that is corrosion resistant and stops the line from twisting.

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  1. Inertia Wire Rope Block 140kg 10m
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  2. Self Retracting Webbing Lanyard
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