Low Loader chains

What Are Low Loader Chains?

Low Loader chains are pieces of lashing and transportation equipment often used in the agricultural and trucking industries. They are perfect for the transportation of heavy materials and loads such as machinery, industrial equipment and concrete – anything that might be too heavy or is likely to tear or snag a traditional ratchet strap’s webbing.

Why Use Low Loader Chains instead of Ratchet Straps?

Low loader chains have a notably better robustness and durability compared to ratchet straps. This means that when the chains are used in conjunction with a ratchet load binder, they pull tightly around the load.

Why Choose Our Low Loader Chains?

The Low Loader Chains we have on offer here at The Ratchet Shop are made from the same short link grade-80 steel chain that you will find in our heavier duty lifting chains. We offer the choice of a hook for either end or you can purchase chain lengths of anything from 1 to 20mm. Furthermore, longer chains can be arranged upon request. You also have the additional option to add a load binder to your order. In total, we have four different sized low loader chains available, measuring 8 to 16mm and 8,000 to 32,000kg. Select the chain you need and follow the instructions to buy, or contact us if you need any help.

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  1. 16mm (32,000kg) Lowloader
    £26.34 £21.95
  2. 13mm (21,000kg) Lowloader
    £16.16 £13.47
    Out of stock
  3. 10mm (12,000kg) Lowloader
    £10.62 £8.85
  4. 8mm (8000kg) Lowloader
    £7.00 £5.83
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