Bow Shackles

Commonly used in the shipping and industrial industries, bow shackles are a helpful tool to connect different pieces of equipment together in rigging systems.

The unique shape of a bow shackle allows equipment to be removed and attached easily, with their large loop allowing for multiple loads in multiple directions - avoiding the need for a side load. Their shape also allows them to easily be used in conjunction with webbing slings, which can help with lifting equipment that requires resilient connection points.

We stock a wide range of shackles in a variety of sizes and working load limits, from 0.5t all the way up to 25t for the most demanding jobs. All our shackles have their size and working load limit stamped on them, allowing for easy identification on sites where multiple shackles may need to be used.

Common shackles are often made from cast steel, which can cause air bubbles and affect the integrity and durability of the bow shackle. However, our bow shackles are made from the highest quality forged steel, ensuring their longevity and reliability when in use.

Explore our range of bow shackles below and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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  1. 8.5T - 1" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £17.26 £14.38
  2. 4.75T - 3/4" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £9.26 £7.72
    Out of stock
  3. 1T - 3/8" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £4.09 £3.41
  4. 25T - 1-3/4" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £92.40 £77.00
    Out of stock
  5. 17T – 1.1/2” Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £68.06 £56.72
    Out of stock
  6. 12T - 1-1/4" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £33.00 £27.50
  7. 9.5T - 1-1/8" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £24.50 £20.42
  8. 6.5T - 7/8" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £12.43 £10.36
    Out of stock
  9. 3.25T - 5/8" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £6.83 £5.69
    Out of stock
  10. 2T - 1/2" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £5.20 £4.33
    Out of stock
  11. 1.5T - 7/16" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £4.43 £3.69
  12. 0.75T - 5/16" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £3.60 £3.00
  13. 0.5T - 1/4" Blue Pin Bow Shackle
    £2.88 £2.40
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