Master Link

A master link chain, also known as a lifting master link, is a vital chain component used to fasten slings to chain loads with ease. Master links are widely used in lifting sets for offshore containers, but also find plenty of use in freight transportation, boating, and construction sites.

These large, oblong links are constructed from quenched and tempered alloy steel and are proof tested to 2.5 times their Working Load Limit (WLL) of 5,300kgs.

Certification is provided with each master link chain so that you can be sure that every product is of the highest quality. Also, the brand, batch number, and size of each master link are printed onto the side of them to help you identify which to use for the task at hand. For added ease of identification, all our master links are coloured bright green or neon orange too so you can see them easily in poor visibility conditions.

Our useful master links are made with impressively large width and length to allow the use of thimbles for larger wire ropes that tend to be utilised in brindle configurations. However, master link chains are available in various diameters (7mm to 16mm) to suit different sizes of chain and wire rope.

For more information about our master links and accompanying chain components, head over to our blog or get in touch with one of our experts today!

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  1. 16mm Master Link
    £39.04 £32.53
  2. 13mm Master Link
    £24.25 £20.21
  3. 10mm Master Link
    £13.33 £11.11
  4. 8mm Master Link
    £9.19 £7.66
  5. 7mm Master Link
    £7.07 £5.89
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