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Ratchet straps are tie-down straps that have various uses, generally involving the holding down of equipment or cargo when it is being transported. They can be used for jobs like securing loads to vehicles or keeping construction materials in place. 

Also known as tie-down straps, lorry straps, lashing straps or cargo straps, simply put, they are durable webbing that has been equipped with appropriate hardware for tying things down safely and securely. 


Pick The Perfect Ratchet Straps For Your Project

At The Ratchet Shop, we stock a wide selection of ratchet straps to suit your needs, whether for commercial or domestic use. Our extensive range of ratchet straps are commonly used in the construction, farming and agricultural industries. However, they are just as at home when used in domestic situations, such as tying down equipment to the roof of your vehicle. 

To help you choose the right ratchet strap for your needs, we have divided our range into two different sections: 


Lightweight Ratchet Straps

We stock a variety of lightweight ratchet straps, which are ideal for less-intensive work. They have a maximum weight load limit of 3,000kg or less. Available in a variety of styles, from mini-ratchets to auto-retractable ratchets, all of our ratchet straps are made from 100% polyester, making them lightweight and hard-wearing. Take a look at our full range of lightweight ratchet straps to find the perfect solution for you. 


Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

We also have a range of heavy-duty ratchet straps which are designed for tougher transportation and tie-down jobs. Our heavy-duty ratchet straps offer maximum weight limits of between 4,000kg to 10,000kg and again, come in a range of styles including j-hooks and D-rings. Browse our full range of heavy duty ratchet straps for more information.  


Why Choose Our Ratchet Straps?

All of our ratchet straps are made from durable, hard-wearing 100% polyester webbing. This makes them tough, flexible and lightweight; key elements that help any tie-down situation.

Another important feature of our ratchet straps is ease-of-use. One-hand fastening and a quick-release mechanism make tightening and loosening the strap a doodle, which is great for those times when you just need to get the job done! 

To make it even easier to find the correct strap for the job, each part of the lashing assembly is marked with the manufacturer's mark, size, length and ID mark, so that you can find the right tool more easily. Plus, for complete peace of mind, all of our ratchet straps conform to EN 12195-2:2001 safety performance requirements.        


More Than Just Ratchet Straps

At The Ratchet Shop, we don't just offer ratchet straps - we have everything you need to get the job done. In this section, you will also find high-quality vehicle recovery sets, easy winders and wear sleeves. Our vehicle recovery straps have a 5-tonne maximum break strength; enough to tow a small heavy goods vehicle. The Easy Winder is a windable handle you attach to your ratchet strap, making it easier to tighten, and wear sleeves protect the ratchet webbing from general wear and tear. 


Contact The Ratchet Strap Experts Today

If you have any questions about our ratchet straps or any other product we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Alternatively, you can find more products across our website, including workwear, lashing and towing equipment, and winches and pulleys.



Here at The Ratchet Shop, we offer a wide variety of ratchet straps to suit your needs. Our straps, made from high-quality and hard-wearing polyester, provide strength ratings from 1,500kg to 10,000kg and lengths up to 20 metres. These are ideal for a number of tie-down applications, like securing loads to vehicles and keeping construction materials in place.

Our D-ring ratchets allow you to attach them to the hooks mounted to the walls and floors of your lorry with ease. Its one-hand tensioning and quick release mechanism makes it simple and effective to use.

Our mini ratchets are perfect for smaller applications like securing canoes or kayaks to car roof racks, or motorcycles to trailers.

Our vehicle recovery sets go up to 5 tonne maximum break strength; enough to tow a small heavy goods vehicle.

We also offer the Easy Winder; a windable handle you attach to your ratchet strap, making it easier to tighten.

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