Round Slings

At The Ratchet Shop, we stock a comprehensive range of high-quality round slings for lifting and towing jobs of all sizes. Our reliable slings can be easily used in a variety of applications such as logging, boat handling, and construction.

Be it a heavy-duty lifting task or for towing a lightweight object, our slings range in size from 1000kg all the way up to 8000kgs so can always handle the task at hand. What’s more, to ensure ease of identification, all our slings are colour coded according to their working weight limit.

Our round lifting slings, also known as endless slings, are manufactured from highly durable — yet lightweight — polyester. Polyester slings are often preferred over chains or wire rope because they are easy to move around and position into place, as well as causing less damage to the items being lifted.

Our endless slings are not only resistant to most acids, oil, and grease, but are also protected against UV rays for extra durability.

To find out more about our slings and their many uses, check out our blog, ‘Everything You Need To Know About Lifting Slings’ or browse the individual products below.

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  1. 3000kg (EWL) Round Sling (65mm wide)
    As low as £3.60 £3.00
  2. 2000kg (EWL) Round Sling (50mm wide)
    As low as £2.12 £1.77
  3. 1000kg (EWL) Round Sling (40mm wide)
    As low as £1.79 £1.49
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