Eye Sling Hook

As one of our most popular chain components, eye sling hooks are sleek, versatile, and trustworthy.

Used in most lifting sling applications, our eye hooks can assist with any heavy lifting or towing task from the construction industry to uses in freight.

These eye sling hooks can be fitted straight onto a chain without the need for a connector, making attachment so much easier. Eye sling hooks with latches have a built-in safety catch that prevents sudden slippage and reduces the risk of a disconnect. With our hooks, you can rest assured that your load can be towed or lifted safely.

Our eye sling hooks, like all our chain components, are proof load tested to 2.5 times their Working Load Limit (WLL) of 4:1, or 2,120Kgs, for extra peace of mind in all your heavy lifting tasks. Fatigue-rated 20,000 in a cyclic test and branded with all the safety information on them, you can’t get much more secure than our eye hooks.

Our eye hook chain links are also suitable for use in temperatures as low as -40C and as high as 200C without a reduction in WLL, so you’ll never have to worry about weakening chains in cold weather.

Painted in an iconic green colour for ease of identification among your other tools, our eye sling hooks come in sizes of 7/8mm up to 10mm. What’s more, to ensure durability and resilience to chipping, cracking, and general corrosion, each eye hook is fitted with an alloy stainless steel spring and conforms to the safety standard EN 1677-4.

For more information about eye hooks, head over to our blog.

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