Brake Hand Winch

A brake hand winch is used for a wide variety of lifting and hoisting purposes such as raising and lowering heavy loads like boats, pulling cars and moving machinery. 

Easy to use and manoeuvre

These brake hand winches are compact, lightweight and portable making them perfect to use in different areas of a worksite. They are also built from robust stainless steel for longevity.

 The hand winch has a positive action brake which holds the load in any position so there is no freewheeling and you can lift heavy loads safely. All the mechanical components of the lifting winch are enclosed for protection against dust, dirt and rain contamination. In addition, a rope to drum fixing clamp is included with the winch.    

 Our brake hand winches are equipped to use wire rope up to 8m or 10m and have lifting capacities of 1,200lbs, 1,800lbs or 2,600lbs to meet your specific requirements. 

Let us know your needs

If you have any questions about our hand winches or just want to find out more about our range of products, then get in touch with our team today! Our family-run business has over 20 years of experience in selling products for projects large and small in industries such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing and transport as well as for personal use. 

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  1. 2,600Lbs x 8m Stainless Brake Hand Winch
    £344.71 £287.26
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  2. 1,200Lbs x 8m Stainless Brake Hand Winch
    £167.75 £139.79
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  3. 1,800Lbs x 10m Brake Hand Winch
    £104.06 £86.72
  4. 2,600Lbs x 10m Brake Hand Winch
    £127.45 £106.21
  5. 1,200Lbs x 10m Brake Hand Winch
    £65.86 £54.88
    Out of stock
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