Unshelled Cable Grips

If you are looking for a tough, high-quality tool to clamp messenger wire rope, cable or metal rods, then an unshelled cable grip is what you need! 

A tough and sturdy grip every time! 

These iron-made grips are ideal for tensioning, pulling and gripping heavy loads. It's parallel jaws ensure a firm grip on the wire without any slipping or damage. Also, the guide stops the unshelled cable grips from dropping off the wire and provides instant release for safety.  

Our cable grips are available in loading capacities ranging from 500kg to 3,000kg to meet your requirements and can be used with lifting pulley systems such as our mini hand ratchet puller. Together these tools make manoeuvring heavy loads a doddle!    

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If you are unsure whether an unshelled cable grip is the right tool for your project, get in touch with our expert team who can help get the tools you need whatever the task. 

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  1. 3000kgs Unshelled Cable Grips
    £90.14 £75.12
  2. 2000kgs Unshelled Cable Grips
    £72.29 £60.24
  3. 1000kgs Unshelled Cable Grips
    £53.81 £44.84
  4. 500kgs Unshelled Cable Grips
    £22.06 £18.38
    Out of stock
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