10,000kg Ratchet Strap Endless

  • 10,000kg rated strength with a minimum break strain of 4000 DAN.
  • Used for securing/lashing and fastening loads.
  • All our ratchets conform to EN12195-2:2001 safety performance requirements.
  • Quick release mechanism for easy use.
  • Produced from 100% polyester material.
  • Available in 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m lengths.
  • Available in blue.
  • 10,000kg ratchets have a 100mm webbing width.
  • Endless Ratchet Strap.
  • Custom made 10,000kgs lashing systems can be produced.
  • Rubber corner protectors are available to protect the webbing (please see Rubber Wear Sleeves).
  • Each part of the lashing assembly is marked with manufacturers mark, size, length and ID mark.
  • Individual certification can be supplied.
  • All our Ratchets are measured from bearing point to bearing point.
For orders over 200 units please get in touch with the office to arrange a discounted price.
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Due to a high stock turnaround time not every product will always come exactly as seen in the image. you may receive a product in a different shade or with small differences to the hardware itself. If you have a specific requirement please call us to confirm the spec on our current stock.


When you need to secure objects for transport or storage but don't need any fixing points, endless ratchets are ideal. The 10,000kg break strength of these durable, yet soft, tie downs allows them to secure even heavyweight loads. 10,000kg endless ratchets work similarly to regular ratchet straps except rather than securing 2 lengths of strapping together with the ratchet handle, the end of the length of strapping is fed back into the handle to form a loop around the load. The use of these 10,000kg endless ratchets is an improvement on the old rope and knot method with regards to both speed and safety.

Break/Load in kgs: 
Width in mm: 100
Colour: Blue
Length in metres: 8,10,12,15


  • 10,000KG Minimum Break Strength
  • LC5000daN
  • Strong, Hard wearing
  • Individually Certified
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