5000kg Ergo (Pull Down) Handle Only

Ergonomic ratchets are a new method for securing your load. Rather than pushing up the ratchet handle to tighten the ratchet strap you pull the handle down instead which some find a much easier movement.

  • 5000kg rated strength with a minimum break strain of 2500 DAN.
  • Used for securing/lashing and fastening loads.
  • All our ratchets conform to EN12195-2:2001 safety performance requirements.
  • Quick release mechanism for easy use.
  • Produced from 100% polyester material.
  • Available in 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m and 20m lengths.
  • Available in blue.
  • 5000kg ratchets have a 50mm webbing width.
  • Ergonomic Ratchet Handle.
  • Rubber corner protectors are available to protect the webbing (please see Rubber Wear Sleeves).
  • Each part of the lashing assembly is marked with manufacturers mark, size, length and ID mark.
  • Individual certification can be supplied.
  • All our Ratchets are measured from bearing point to bearing point.
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£7.54 £6.28


Along with the various heavy-duty ratchet straps we stock here at The Ratchet Shop, we offer these practical and efficient 5000kg Ergo (Pull Down) handles. Ergonomically designed ratchets, their strapping and handles, are designed for an alternative technique to tying down cargo and loads. Instead of pushing the ratchet handle up when tightening the ratchet, you pull down the handle. Many of our customers in the agricultural, building and construction industries have found this easier. 

Why Choose Our 5000kg Ergo (Pull Down) Handle?

The 5000kg ergo straps we stock are made, like our other ratchet straps, with 100% polyester and steel components. They conform fully to the safety requirements outlined in EN 12195-2:2001. Manufactured with a webbing width of 50mm, they are available in lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 and 20-metres and have a generous break strain of 2500 DAN minimum. To ensure they are easy to use by all, they are equipped with a quick-release mechanism. 

We recommend you buy some of our rubber wear sleeves to protect the ratchet strap’s webbing.

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