1000kg (EWL) Round Sling (40mm wide)

  • Meets the performance requirements of BSEN 1492-2:2000.
  • 1000Kg SWL, with a minimum breaking load 7 times the W.L.L.
  • Sold according to their EWL (Effective Working Length).
  • Manufactured from 100% high tenacity polyester material.
  • Resistant to oil, grease and most acids.
  • Colour coded as per latest EN standard.
  • Marked with size, manufacturer’s mark and ID mark.
  • A soft alternative to wires and chain.
  • Certification provided with Round Slings
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As low as £1.79 £1.49
As low as £1.79 £1.49

Due to a high stock turnaround time not every product will always come exactly as seen in the image. you may receive a product in a different shade or with small differences to the hardware itself. If you have a specific requirement please call us to confirm the spec on our current stock.

1000kg Round Sling

When you need to relocate large volumes of building materials, a round sling provides a welcome solution. Our 1000kg round slings are engineered with polyester, combining lightweight and durable properties.

 A Convenient and Protecting Solution

The use of polyester means you can easily fit your round sling to your load and because they are endless, the point of most pressure changes, resulting in a dispersed area of wear over time and a longer lifespan.

Equipped with the 1000kg round sling, you will also protect the load you are carrying. Alternatives such as chains can damage your load and damage expensive materials. The durable polyester on our slings will never damage your materials, keeping them safe, secure and in first-class condition.

 Why Choose the 1000kg Round Sling

  • Oil and Grease Resistant 
  • Sold to Effective Working Length (EWL) 
  • Coded as per EU standards
  • Meets the stringent performance standards of BSEN 1492-2:200 
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