1.5T - 7/16" Yellow Pin Bow Shackle

  • Used as connecting links in rigging systems
  • The large shape of the loop means they are used in conjunction with webbing slings
  • Forged, quenched and tempered with alloy pin
  • Our screw pin shackles meet the performance requirements of federal specification RR-C-271D Type IVA, Grade A, Class 2
  • Marked with manufacturers mark, size, ID mark, CE and W.L.L
  • Safety factor 6:1
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Due to a high stock turnaround time not every product will always come exactly as seen in the image. you may receive a product in a different shade or with small differences to the hardware itself. If you have a specific requirement please call us to confirm the spec on our current stock.


Our 1.5T 7/16” blue pin bow shackle is suitable for low to medium intensity rigging jobs and comes with a safety factor of 6/1, ensuring maximum safety and reassurance on the job. Operated via an alloy screw pin, the bow shackle is well equipped to meet your needs.

All our shackles, including our 1.5T 7/16” bow pin bow shackles, are made from only the highest quality forged steel, offering longevity and reliability when you need it most. The shackle is both quenched and tempered, with a printed batch number and working load limit for peace of mind when in use.

Break/Load in kgs: 
Colour: Steel


  • Shackles Quenched and Tempered
  • Batch Numbered and Working Load Limit Permanently Shown on every Shackle
  • Safety Factor 6/1
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