Everything You Need to Know About Lifting Chains

Everything You Need to Know About Lifting Chains
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Everything You Need to Know About Lifting Chains

Contrary to popular belief, lifting chains are not as simple as their name suggests. While their primary purpose is to lift heavy objects (the clue is in the name), doing so effectively and safely is something that requires a certain amount of pre-required knowledge

Lucky for you, we’ve got that knowledge in spades. Whether you’re new to the world of lifting chains or consider yourself something of a lifting chain connoisseur, here’s everything you need to know about this handy tool.

What is a lifting chain?

As the name suggests, lifting chains are a specific type of chain used in both the lifting and lowering of loads that are too heavy or large to safely lift otherwise.

Our heavy-duty chains come in a variety of different sizes, with longer length chains used for heavier loads or for loads that require lifting to greater heights. Depending on the weight of the load, our chain can also comes with multiple legs that can be attached to different parts of the load. Doing so helps to distribute the weight evenly, and provide a more secure attachment.

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While the majority of lifting chains are made from steel, those that are used to lift particularly heavy loads, like container lifting, are required to be made from alloy steel. This is because alloy steel has the ability to stretch when it takes on a weight heavier than it is recommended to undertake, whereas standard steel is much more likely to snap.

What is the maximum weight for lifting chains?

Lifting chains are not a one size fits all tool. Depending on the weight of the load, you will be required to use a specific size of chain to ensure the load can be carried safely.

Small size lifting chains typically have a chain diameter of 7mm, which allows them to lift loads ranging between 1.5 tonnes to 3.1 tonnes. When it comes to lifting the heaviest loads, our chains are available up to a diameter of 32mm, allowing them to carry loads between 31.5 tonnes (with a single leg), up to a maximum of 47.5 tonnes (with four legs).

How often do lifting chains need to be certified?

Like all tools, your heavy-duty chains will need to be checked at specific intervals to ensure they are still safe for use. The majority of lifting equipment, including lifting chains, will need to be rechecked and recertified every 6-months to ensure they are safe for use.

Lifting chain and lifting hook inspections require an experienced individual to assess the chain through a visual examination and functional checks. Should the chain be deemed unfit for use, a new one will need to be acquired before any lifting work can continue.

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29 October 2021