How to Use Weld on Hooks

How to Use Weld on Hooks
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How to Use Weld on Hooks

Heavy dweld on hooksuty weld on hooks are designed for axial loading and allow fixed anchor points to be added where required, for example on farm machinery, spreader beams, and so on. Each weld on hook is supplied with full welding instructions, which must be followed.

Before welding, thoroughly clean the welding surface to ensure that it is free from rust, grease and paint. Before use, the weld must be inspected and then periodic visual inspections must be made by trained personnel of the weld and hook to check for cracks, nicks, wear, gouges and deformation. If the throat opening has been increased, the hook tip has been bent by more than 10 degrees, or should the hook be distorted or bent in any other way, never use it. If a weld on hook has a bent or worn tip, the latch will not work properly.

Using weld on hooks
When attaching the load using a lifting sling or chains, only use the bottom part of the hook and ensure the late is in the closed position. Never side load or apply the load directly to the latch or the tip of the hook. Only one sling should be attached directly in the hook. While lifting, avoid movement of the load and lift smoothly without jerking motions. Never exceed the working load limit or the hook could fail and cause damage or injury.

22 March 2016