1500kg x 2.3m Mini Hand Ratchet Puller

  • Designed for electric wire pulling for field needs: Electric power, telephone line works, construction, farm and general purposes
  • Up and down movement by moving the lever
  • Equipped with automatic mechanical brake and change pawl
  • More built in safety factors than other brands
  • Easily field repairable and inexpensive to maintain
  • Solid ductile and malleable iron construction
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Due to a high stock turnaround time not every product will always come exactly as seen in the image. you may receive a product in a different shade or with small differences to the hardware itself. If you have a specific requirement please call us to confirm the spec on our current stock.

The mini hand ratchet puller is specifically designed with wire pulling in mind. The compact and portable design means that this type of lifting equipment is ideal for use in the field. The load to be moved is attached to the lower hook. Moving the lever up and down winds up the wire rope, thus lifting the load to the desired height. The wire rope is 5mm x 2.3m long for each of the mini hand ratchet pullers that we offer and they have a lifting capacity of either 1000kg, 1500kg or 2000kg. The mini hand ratchet pullers that we sell at The Ratchet Shop have more safety features of the lifting equipment, such as the automatic mechanical brake and change pawl, than other brands. Mini hand ratchet pullers can be used for many applications including lifting electric power lines, telephone line works, construction, and on farms.

Break/Load in kgs: 
Colour: Bronze


  • Designed for pulling cable: Electric power, telephone lines, construction, farm and general purpouse.
  • Up and Down Movement by moving lever
  • Equiped with mechanical brake and Pawl
  • Solid Iron construction
  • Swivel hooks each end


  • Max.load:1500 kgs
  • Safety factor: 2 times
  • Tractor Capacity 1500 kg
  • Wire Rope Size 6mm x 2.3mv
  • No. of Hook 2
  • Weight 16 (kg)
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