Kinetic Strap 11T

  • Ideal for all vehicle recovery applications.
  • Break/Load - 11,000Kgs
  • Width - 100mm
  • Length - 9M
  • Colour - White
  • Stretch - Genuine 20%. Elasticity prevents abrupt recoil.
  • Material - 96% Nylon & 4% Polyester
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When recovering a vehicle you need towing and lashing equipment that you can rely on. Our 11,000kg Kinetic Recovery Straps are independently tested to ensure flawless performance. They are manufactured to our exacting standards and are ideal for all recovery applications. Kinetic Recovery Straps are suitable for use with both light and heavy equipment and are preferable over towlines because of the elasticity offered, they will not snap abruptly and recoil when overloaded. Our recovery straps are constructed from heavy duty nylon and provide a genuine 20% stretch and they are 9 meters long.

Break/Load in kgs: 
Width in mm: 100
Colour: Black/White
Length in metres: 9


  • Break/Load - 11,000 Kgs
  • Width - 100mm
  • Stretch - Genuine 20%
  • Material - 96% Nylon & 4% Polyester
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