Chain Hoists & Trolleys

We sell a wide range of chain hoists and lifting trolleys with weight capacities to suit your needs. Girder trolleys are designed for moving and lifting heavy duty loads along girder monorails. We offer two types of lifting trolley; geared trolleys that are hand operated by pulling the chains and plain trolleys that are moved by pushing the load that’s being lifted by the trolley. Lifting trolleys are used in various settings including factories, docks, warehouses and engine rooms.

Chain hoists are ideal for such uses as lifting heavy goods, installing machinery and dragging loads. There are two types of chain hoists that we supply; lever blocks and chain blocks. The difference between the two is that lever blocks are operated by pulling a lever and chain blocks by pulling on a chain.

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  1. 500kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £87.61 £73.01
  2. 250kg Lever Block 3.5m Drop
    £77.52 £64.60
    Out of stock
  3. 9000kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £429.00 £357.50
  4. 6000kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £267.64 £223.03
  5. 3000kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £158.45 £132.04
    Out of stock
  6. 2000kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £132.38 £110.32
    Out of stock
  7. 1500kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £116.48 £97.07
    Out of stock
  8. 1000kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £97.09 £80.91
    Out of stock
  9. 250kg Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £63.00 £52.50
  10. 500kg Compact Lever Block 1.5m Drop
    £75.17 £62.64
    Out of stock
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