Why Are Nitrile Gloves So Popular?

Why Are Nitrile Gloves So Popular?
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Why Are Nitrile Gloves So Popular?

Nitrile gloves have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past years because they offer strength, durability and enhanced safety while working. Find out more about these gloves, their popularity and where to buy them.

What Are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are a chemical and abrasive resistant product made from synthetic rubber. As part of the manufacturing process, nitrile gloves are tested against three key EU standards. These standards include:

  • EN374 ensures that the gloves can withstand up to ten minutes of chemical contact time.
  • EN1186 ensures that the gloves are safe for contact with food items.
  • EN420 ensures that the gloves are compliant with PPE requirements.

What Do Nitrile Gloves Protect Against?

Nitrile gloves are the ideal work glove solution when you want to avoid coming into contact with hazardous substances, or when you want to protect your materials from human touch. Under the EU EN374 standard, nitrile gloves have been extensively tested to find out what protection is offered against a myriad of chemicals.

The chemicals that are proven to be safe to use in accordance with EN374 include Acetic acid 10%, Ethanol 20%, Formaldehyde 15%, Hydrogen peroxide 30%, Nitric acid 36%, Paraformaldehyde 50%, Sodium hydroxide 40%, Sulphuric acid 47% and more.

What is the Difference Between Nitrile Gloves and Latex Gloves?

To understand the difference between latex and nitrile gloves, you must look at them as separate products with separate functions. Latex gloves are made from natural rubber, and are widely used by medics because of their flexibility when they are worn. However, over 5% of the population have latex allergies, which can result in life-threatening symptoms to the wearer or anyone they come into contact with when the allergy is unknown.

Nitrile gloves are designed to be worn for longer and can be used in environments where hazardous materials are present. Many people wrongly assume that nitrile gloves are bulky, but there are many different form-fitting options available, making them a safer choice for people in the majority of industries.

Can You Wash Nitrile Gloves?

There is a range of different types of nitrile gloves on the market, some of which are reusable and can be washed. However, you need to ensure that the type you buy are actually reusable, and recognise the signs when your gloves are past their best and need replacing.

How Long Do Nitrile Gloves Last?

All gloves come with a shelf life to ensure safety for the wearer. Nitrile gloves, when kept in packaging and stored appropriately, can last up to five years before being worn. If you invest in washable and reusable nitrile gloves, then you will need to carefully inspect them for any signs of wear and tear that could render them useless each time you go to put them on.

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15 July 2021