How to use Wheel Chokers

How to use Wheel Chokers
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How to use Wheel Chokers

Wheel chokers are normally used on recovery vehicles to assist with tying down vehicles to the trailer without damaging alloy wheels. The soft polyester strap is strong enough to take a load of up to 1 tonne, and the polyester eyes replace the old style D-rings to prevent scratching. To assist with their safe usage, we have compiled these wheel choker instructions.

Using wheel chokers

Heavy duty wheel chokers are used in conjunction with ratchet straps. Anchor the ratchet strap to a suitable anchor point on the trailer and pass the webbing through one of the loops at the end of the wheel choker. Wrap the ratchet strap around the back of the vehicle’s wheel and pass it through the loop at the other end of the wheel choker.

Anchor the section of ratchet strap with the ratchet handle to another anchor point and feed the loose end of the ratchet strap that has passed around the wheel into the ratchet drum, taking out most of the slack. Tension the whole system using the ratchet handle. The intention is to have the wheel secured with the ratchet strap webbing behind the wheel and the wheel choker laying horizontally across the front of the wheel. Repeat this with each wheel.

Before moving off, ensure that the vehicle is secure, and stop after driving thirty miles or so to check the straps are still secure. On arriving at the destination, the wheel chokers can be released by using the quick release button on the ratchet strap and pulling the webbing back through the eyes on the wheel choker, therefore freeing the wheel.

22 March 2016