How do Chain Blocks work?

How do Chain Blocks work?
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How do Chain Blocks work?

What are Chain Blocks?

The Chain Block is a mechanism used to raise or lower heavy loads with relative ease. The internal gears of the Chain Block wind the chains around, lifting the object that is attached to the end or hook. This means that very little force is required to lift large, heavy loads of up to 30,000 kg.

What's the difference between a chain hoist and a chain block?

Both chain blocks and chain hoists have wide applications in a variety of industries, ranging from factories and retail to agriculture and construction.

What differentiates the two pieces of equipment is how they are used. Chain blocks are driven by pulling the hand chain, which is commonly used to lift weight vertically off the ground, while chain hoists use the rotating motion of the lever to maneuver heavy objects horizontally.

Chain blocks also have the advantage of not needing electricity in most cases, making it an essential tool for working in remote locations or places with little to no access to power.

How does a Chain Block work?

Chain blocks are a very versatile way to lift loads, and are primarily operated by pulling the chains by hand.

A standard Chain Block is composed of a lifting chain, a hand chain and a base hook. The chain block is connected to the load via the base hook. For much larger objects, consider using slings to assist with the list. When the hand chain is pulled, the internal chain tightens up on the gears and loops inside, causing tension to build and the load to be raised from the ground.

It’s a good idea to lift the goods a little distance above the ground first to check that the load is balanced and that everything is working properly. Make sure that you pull the chain carefully to prevent any jolting or tangling during the lift.

What are the uses of Chain Blocks?

Chain block lifting equipment can be used for installing machines and repairing goods, and they’re great for overhead work and in narrow spaces such as car garages. They also work well in factories, laboratories and power plants.

Chain blocks are a great cost-effective solution for moving heavy loads. They also have the added benefit of not requiring large operating teams as one chain block can be operated by a single person. Chain Blocks are very versatile, making them suitable and effective for a wide host of applications.

If you are looking for chain blocks or are looking for some guidance on the best chain blocks for your project, then get in touch with our dedicated team today!

24 March 2021