Everything you Need to Know about Cable Grips

Everything you Need to Know about Cable Grips
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Everything you Need to Know about Cable Grips

If you don’t work in construction, or aren’t an expert, it can be hard to know what certain tools are, what they do, and how they work.

That’s why The Ratchet Shop’s website is full of handy blogs and how-to videos to make sure that all our customers know how to use our tools safely and effectively.

In today’s blog, we’ll give you the lowdown on a highly underrated piece of kit: the cable grip. Read on to see our answers to your FAQs about cable grips.

What is a cable grip?

Cable grips are a type of lifting equipment that help, as the name suggests, grip cables. This portable lifting equipment is inexpensive to maintain and can be repaired easily in the field, so it’s a popular item in toolboxes.

What is a cable grip used for?

Cable grips are an excellent lifting equipment tool used for gripping and pulling. They are extremely useful in the tensioning of messenger wire ropes, metal rods and cables.

Cable grips are also a lot more common than people initially realise. If you’ve ever travelled in an air lift or gondola, you’ll know they work by attaching themselves along a long line of cable and travelling down it. To ensure they are securely and safely attached to the cable, cable grips are used to hold them in place, as well as guide the lift along the wire.

You’ll also find cable grips used in various construction and industrial sectors, particularly those that need to be able to lift heavy loads, from 500kg all the way up to those weighing 3000kg.

Cable grips can also be used to support electric or structural cables for pulling, as well as when the job at hand requires the laying of electrical and structural cables - who knew one little grip could be used for so much!

What is a cable grip made from?

Cable grips need to be made from a strong material to help ensure they can take the heavy loads required from them. The vast majority are made from iron to help ensure this. Being both ductile and malleable, iron cable grips are suitable to manage both the strain and continuous movement often involved with the use of cable grips.

How does a cable grip work?

Cable grips contain strong parallel jaws that are able to clamp down firmly on the wire without slippage, fraying or other types of damage - reassuring when their primary purpose is to hold up cable cars and lifts!

Thanks to the cable grip’s guide, the grip is securely attached to the wire - and remains so throughout its entire journey up and down the wire.

For any questions you might have about cable grips or other lifting equipment, get in touch with the experts from The Ratchet Shop today or browse our FAQ page.

29 October 2021